You will receive a fixed price quote after you submit an application form. The fee is based on the complexity of the divorce and fee indications below are inclusive of GST. Filing fees for divorces and consent orders are an additional charge and are not included below. They are set by the family court and can be found on their website.

Divorce (no appearance) $660
Application in a Case (with orders) $198
Dispensation of service $242
Lost marriage certificate $242
Reduce time for orders to take effect $242
Separated under one roof (at least 2 affidavits required) $363 for all
Children's circumstances $242
Consent Orders (Children) $1,320
Consent Orders (Property, no Superannuation) $1,760
Consent Orders (Children, Property, no Superannuation) $1,980
Consent Orders (Children, Property, and Superannuation) $2,420
Appearance in court Depends on court and application type
Service of documents (contested matters) Depends on location of person