How to Find a Trusted Conveyancer

If you want to buy, sell, or transfer a property title in Australia, it’s important to deal with a respected conveyancer to minimise your risk and ensure a successful sale. Conveyancing in Australia is typically carried out by a solicitor or a licensed conveyancer who works in the local jurisdiction. There are many ways to track down a trusted conveyancer, with a healthy combination of personal referrals and online research normally getting the best results.

Who can perform conveyancing work?

In Australia, conveyancing work can be performed by three different entities: a licensed conveyancer, a conveyancing solicitor, or the parties involved in the property sale. While it is possible to do this work yourself, and kits are even available, it is highly recommended to use the services of a professional. There is a lot of complexity surrounding this process, along with significant variance in state and council laws and regulations.

Methods for finding a qualified conveyancer

  • Personal referrals– Even in the technology-rich world of today, personal referrals go a very long way. Most people have been through a property sale at one time or another, so ask your friends and family for recommendations.
  • Professional opinions– A good conveyancer will have a good reputation in your local community, so ask your accountant, your real estate agent, or even your doctor. Many law firms offer conveyancing as part of their property law portfolio.
  • Online searches– Online searches can help you track down local conveyancers and read relevant reviews. The Australian Institute of Conveyancers is a good place to start, or just reach out to local property solicitors and ask if they can help.
  • Ask questions– Not all conveyancers are perfect for all jobs. Don’t be afraid to interview prospective conveyancers or ask them for review and referrals. Ask your prospective conveyancer about solicitors fees and charges, along with any additional costs.

If you have particular needs from the conveyancing process, or a unique property that requires a different approach, it may take time to track down the perfect person for your needs. While many firms offer a fixed price structure that includes searches, legal advice, and other costs, this is not always the case. If you’re interested in buying or selling property in Gisborne or elsewhere in the Macedon Ranges, a specialist property lawyer can help with all aspects of conveyancing and property law.